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_Graduate Software Engineer

As a Graduate Software Engineer, you’ll collaborate with Engineers and Traders to design, build and support our software and hardware systems. From day one, you’ll be working and supported by our senior engineers and the wider team to contribute to platforms that drive our automated trading systems. You’ll also cultivate the skills and expertise necessary for spotting avenues to improve and support our trading strategies.

To get started, you’ll be taken through our trade practices and architecture, with some in-class learning sessions with our senior Engineers and Traders to introduce you to the theory of pricing, trading, and managing the strategies we use to trade across all markets and products.

You’ll also learn more about our business, including why we do what we do, how we work, and how you can contribute to our mission. Throughout your training, you’ll have the opportunity to move through other teams and work on cross-team projects, before joining the tech team that best fits your interests and skill set.

Throughout the Graduate Software Engineer training, you’ll be immersed into our culture, and will participate in regular revision and feedback sessions to ensure you are supported and successful throughout our program. You’ll also be assigned a mentor to help support and encourage your growth and development over the course of your journey.

Here at VivCourt, our mentors believe in giving you more than enough guidance, while still allowing you to break the mould to find better solutions, all as part of our healthy working environment.

Who Can Apply?

To be eligible for VivCourt’s graduate programs, you must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, or a permanent resident with working rights. Unfortunately, we cannot accept visa holders for our graduate programs at this time.

You may be currently studying or recently graduated from university.

A bit of formality.

Here is some information to help you identify if you have the skills, attributes, and behaviours we seek in our applicants.

A background in Computer Science or Software Engineering is complementary to the role. We are also open to other degrees that have a strong computing component, for eg. Electrical Engineering.

What we look for

Core Technical Skills

Knowledge and experience in data structures, algorithms, and designing software to solve specific problems – including knowledge of object-oriented design and development concepts.

Experience with one or more of the following programming languages is essential to completing our technical assessments:

C++ \ Go \ Python \ C#

Other technical requirements will vary depending on your specific position.

Core Behaviours

At VivCourt, your attitude and enthusiasm are the most important attributes but we also look for people who:

Have generalist and pragmatic mindsets

For us, that means applying specialised knowledge more broadly and being willing to work with different technologies.

You can think logically about things and make productive assumptions.

Curiosity runs through your veins

In other words, you’ve got an analytical and curious nature with a knack for solving complex problems and figuring things out.

You often ask questions and seek honest, detailed answers.

Have strong communication / collaboration skills

You’ve got to feel comfortable conveying your ideas clearly and concisely with colleagues and other departments.

Being able to work well in a supportive team-based environment is essential.

Hiring Process
Software engineering graduate process

At VivCourt, we don’t want to make the hiring process stressful for candidates. Please see here for a better understanding of how this process will work for you.


Apply and submit your resume, cover letter and academic transcript.


Online technical test (assessing your algorithmic thinking and solution development based on your chosen coding language, C++, Python or C#)

1 hour


Behavioural phone screen (to learn more about your interests, communication skills, culture fit and previous experiences)

30 min


Take home programming task (choose to complete this in either Golang, C#, C++ or Python)

3 hours


Two back to back interviews (one interview is behavioural, the other technical where we will review the programming task and ask language specific technical questions)

2 hours total


Final interview with our Head of Technology (technical and behavioural)

1 hour



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