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VivCourt quant trader at desk

_Graduate Trader

As a Graduate Trader, your main responsibilities will include collaborating with other Traders and Engineers in the design, optimisation and operation of our automated trading systems and trading strategies. As part of this, you’ll have the opportunity to research new trading opportunities and learn how to navigate their associated risks. You’ll also learn how to model the behaviour of the financial markets and how to optimise our trading algorithms for greater success.

At the start of your graduate program, VivCourt will provide you with 10 weeks of in-class lessons with senior trading staff to introduce you to the theory of pricing, trading, and managing the quantitative strategies we use to trade across all markets and financial products.

You’ll also learn more about our business, including why we do what we do, how we work, and how you can contribute to our mission. You’ll then get the opportunity to work with multiple teams before joining a trading team that best fits your interests and skill set.

Throughout our Graduate Trader Program and trading internships, you’ll be immersed into our culture and will participate in regular revision and feedback sessions to ensure you are supported and successful throughout our program. You’ll also be assigned a buddy and mentor to help support and encourage your growth and development over the course of your journey.

By the time the program finishes, you will have the foundational knowledge and skills to forge a successful career in trading at VivCourt and have an impact. You will join one of our trading desks, and immediately be able to have an impact.

Who can apply?

To be eligible for VivCourt’s graduate programs, you must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, or a permanent resident with working rights. Unfortunately, we cannot accept visa holders for our graduate programs at this time.

You may be currently studying or recently graduated from university.

What we look for

Here is some information to help you identify if you have the skills, attributes, and behaviours we seek in our applicants.

While many who’ve had success in our trading roles at VivCourt have studied STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) degrees or majors, we are open to all candidates that display the right skills to be a trader.

Core Technical Skills

While we don’t expect you to have ALL these skills below, we look for people who can help us form diverse teams with a range of competencies that complement each other, including:

Statistical and mathematical knowledge with a good understanding of probability.

Solid logical reasoning with the ability to interpret information, apply logic to solve problems, and draw relevant conclusions.

Strong numerical skills, including a feel for numbers, numerical reasoning and mental arithmetic.

The ability to deal with big data sets using various machine learning and critical thinking techniques.

Programming skills – these are useful but not required for all trading roles and can be learnt on the job.

Data Analysis with: Python, R, MATLAB, etc. or
Relevant experience with Excel (MATLAB, VBA)

Core Behaviours

At VivCourt, your attitude and enthusiasm are the most important attributes, but we also look for people who:

Enjoy being competitive

For us, that means a desire to beat the competition and be the best at what you do.

You’ve got to have drive and perseverance to get stuff done and feel comfortable in an environment that moves quickly.

Use creative problem-solving

Coming up with innovative solutions and looking for new ways to do things should come naturally to you.

You seek to find the more straightforward solution to a problem, and don’t overcomplicate things.

Take lots of initiative early on

You can generate your own ideas without prompting when left to your own devices.

You also can follow through on your thoughts and finish what you started.

Are good decision-makers

You’ve got to feel comfortable making quick decisions under pressure in sometimes uncertain conditions.

Being able to absorb new information quickly and having a healthy appetite for risk is essential.

Curiosity runs through your veins

For us, this means you have a growth mindset that allows you to learn from your mistakes and explore new techniques.

Whether or not you are from a finance background, you strongly desire to understand why, and the markets we trade.

You love solving complex problems.

Have strong communication / collaboration skills

You know how to talk through a complex idea in simple terms, and your thought processes are transparent.

You’re able to work with others, share and brainstorm complicated ideas with ease. You’re always looking to support the newer people around you and learn from those more senior.

Are confident but humble

You are self-assured and have confidence in your abilities, so you trust your own judgments.

You’re capable of taking on responsibility, and showing respect for your colleagues.

You’re relentlessly determined

You work smartly with the ability to prioritise your workload.

You’re reliable, focused, and dedicated.

Most importantly, you are diligent and passionate about what you do.

Hiring Process
Trading Graduate and Internship process

At VivCourt, we don’t want to make the hiring process stressful for candidates. Please see here for a better understanding of how this process will work for you.


Apply and submit your resume, cover letter and academic transcript.


Online technical test (this includes a mental arithmetic test, a probability/statistical test and abstract reasoning)



Behavioural phone screen (to learn more about your interests, communication skills, culture fit and previous experiences)

30 mins


First round interview (further behavioural & technical assessment combined, 1 hour)

1 hour


Second round interviews (technical) and Head of Trading check-in (cultural/behavioural)

2 hours



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