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The Program

At the start of the graduate program, you’ll engage in ten weeks of in-class sessions with fellow graduates at VivCourt’s Sydney head office. Senior staff will guide you through financial market fundamentals and acquaint you with various aspects of our business and our diverse trading strategies. You’ll also be immersed in our culture and learn more about our company, including why we do what we do, how we work, and how you can contribute to our mission.
As you advance in the program, you’ll gain hands-on experience in real and simulated trading environments, working with different teams and participating in projects aligned with VivCourt’s strategic goals. Additionally, you’ll engage in regular revision and feedback sessions, guided by a mentor chosen specifically for you to ensure your support and success in our program.
Following the ten weeks of in-class lessons, you’ll join a desk back in Brisbane, where your learning journey will continue. You’ll be able to have an immediate impact while receiving ongoing guidance to help you forge a successful career in the industry.
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What do we look for?

Technical Skills

Energy Trader

Statistical and Mathematical Knowledge

A solid grasp of probability and mathematical concepts is key.

Strong Numerical Skills

Strong Numerical Skills

Analytical Skills

Demonstrate an analytical mindset, capable of interpreting diverse information, including market data, charts, and news. Show an aptitude for recognising patterns and trends, utilising analytical skills to inform trading decisions.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Exhibit the ability to evaluate multiple factors, weigh potential risks and rewards, and make decisive decisions in high-pressure situations.

Energy Analyst

Analytical Skills

Demonstrate the ability to gather and interpret data, identify trends, analyse complex information, and draw meaningful insights from various sources.

Quantitative Skills

Use numbers, statistics, and mathematical models to analyse data effectively and make informed conclusions.

Technical Proficiency

Demonstrate proficiency in SQL, Python, R, or other relevant tools.

Research Skills

Utilise research databases, conduct online research, and synthesise information effectively with a keen attention to detail.

Behavioural Skills

Emotional Intelligence and Resilience

Maintain a heightened level of emotional intelligence, enabling you to stay composed, objective, and resilient. Bounce back from setbacks, learn from mistakes, and uphold a positive mindset.


You are open-minded, adaptable, and eager to learn and grow in response to shifting situations.


Exhibit trust in your analysis, decisions, and intuition, reflecting a strong sense of self-awareness.

Strong Communication and Collaboration

You’re an effective communicator and team-player. Upholding integrity in dealings and relationships is key.

Good Critical Thinking

Engage in analysing arguments, questioning assumptions, considering multiple perspectives, and making well-informed decisions.

Strong Work Ethic and Initiative

You combine a strong work ethic with a proactive attitude, actively seeking opportunities to contribute and improve.

Competitive and Results-Driven

Display a competitive spirit with a desire to achieve and take necessary actions to deliver results.


Who can apply?

Online technical assessment (mental arithmetic, probability/statistics, abstract reasoning)
Phone screen (understanding interests & motivations, behavioural assessment)
Take home case study (analysis of a scenario using a dataset)
Final: Two rounds of interviews (behavioural and technical assessment)