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Our Culture

VivCourt graduate traders at their desks

_Our Values and Vibe

Here at VivCourt, we pride ourselves on having an inclusive culture, together with a management style that’s free of corporate judgement.

We have put much thought into how we organise ourselves.

By maintaining our structure of small and nimble interconnected teams, we get stuff done efficiently while avoiding bureaucracy and red tape. We want our people to feel empowered and comfortable challenging the status-quo and discovering their way forward.

However, we never lose sight of revenue-generating results.

We have built an enthusiastic, diverse and collaborative team because we know that our people are the key to our trading success. We cannot achieve the brilliant things that we do without a diverse team that enables progressive thinking.


VivCourt is a trading firm that Trades on the world’s exchanges to generate profit in a competitive way – just like all the other trading firms across the globe.

VivCourt is also different because we offer a people-first environment – one where our employees can be creative, can explore new opportunities and are actively supported to perform at their best.

We know that an output-focused and high-productivity approach can mask a burnt-out and unhappy workforce. That’s why the health and well-being of our people will always be our number one priority and drive every decision we make. We’re focused on building a healthy, inclusive, and supportive environment so we can foster a positive and productive workplace where our people can truly thrive and be themselves – in more ways than one.


Our Head Office is situated in the suburb of Paddington on the edge of the Sydney CBD, with additional locations in Brisbane, Melbourne and Amsterdam.

Located on Oxford Street, we’re housed in a 1500mbuilding with large open spaces, a balcony, gym, multiple breakout spaces, and a fully stocked kitchen and dining space.

We’ve intentionally kept this space open to eliminate the separation between our team members and management, encouraging our people to interact, collaborate, ask questions, and discuss their ideas – and the colourful walls and abstract designs purposefully challenge typical office norms.

We have a relaxed dress code and style in our office and offer a variety of in-house perks and benefits – all with the goal to create a great working environment that enables everyone to bring their best selves to work.


Here at VivCourt, we embrace the future of work and recognise the importance of a hybrid working model.

While trading must be done onsite, we appreciate that people have important commitments outside of work and we want to help them achieve a healthy work/life balance.

The best working combination we have experienced for those who choose to work from home, is a 3-2 split. We value bringing everyone together, creating an important dynamic in the office, human-to-human.

So, we give our employees the flexibility to get their non-trading work done when and where they’re most productive. In doing so, we empower them to work to their strengths in an environment that best supports them.