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VivCourt Traders looking at screen - screen traders, market-makers

Market making is a highly automated trading strategy – one that we specialise in and focus on at VivCourt.

So, what is Market Making trading? Essentially, when someone wishes to buy or sell a product, they often need to use an exchange. The price that they can then buy or sell at depends on the supply and demand of the product, and this is reflected in the bid (price to buy) and ask (price to sell) spread. If there are limited parties willing to trade, it may not be possible to buy or sell the product, meaning it’s considered illiquid. That’s why, in order to guarantee liquidity, exchanges ask professionals like us to provide a continuous bid-ask spread to the market. In other words, these professionals make markets, hence the term Market Makers.

Generally, we don’t have an opinion on whether the price of the product should go up or down. We make money on the difference between the bid and ask price spread. When we trade on either side of the spread, we take a position in the market that is a risk. However, we try to offset that risk by hedging our position with an opposing position in a correlated product.

By providing the narrowest bid-ask spread, our position as a market maker means we are constantly pushing to improve the markets we trade in. Through continuous quoting, our goal is to provide the best liquidity across the broadest range of stocks, ETFs, options and other derivatives of any global market maker on the exchanges.

Trading is what we do here at VivCourt. There are several different types of trading desks and strategies, and each plays a pivotal role in helping us to achieve success for ourselves and the community around us.

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Quant trading is data driven above all else. In contrast to market making, our quant trading teams operate on a range of longer timescales, and utilise a broad space of macro signals across all markets and asset classes.

Primarily they leverage a wealth of market and alternative data feeds, combined with state of the art statistical modelling to identify high conviction trading signals. For this reason, our quant traders (or ‘quants’) possess a deep expertise in mathematics and quantitative analysis.

At VivCourt, quant trading forms an integral part of our business. We aim for our trading signals, algorithms, and execution infrastructure to perform at the highest level, and constantly look to expand the breadth and depth of our trading in this space.

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Situated in Brisbane, our Energy Trading team has a positional focus, making highly research-driven trades that reflect longer term outlooks, meaning they identify their entry and exit points ahead of time.

They undertake trading activity in the futures contract market of the Australian National Electricity Markets (NEM) along the east coast of Australia, as well as the New Zealand electricity markets. They look to take advantage of mispricing, long term trends, and potential changes in pricing outcomes.

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