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In addition to our regular performance bonuses to our employees, we also offer social bonuses totalling at least $20,000 a year to each staff member to donate to a not-for-profit of their choice.

This empowers our staff to engage in the issues closest to their hearts, and these philanthropic contributions often reflect our employees’ personal beliefs and values. By creating this external motivation, our employees not only work hard for themselves, but they also work hard to support the causes they most believe in.

In the past four years alone, we have donated over $17 million – contributing to resolving issues such as food insecurity, discrimination, psychosocial health and climate change.

We ensure our donations are given without any need or expectation of anything in return so the organisations can use the funds where they are needed most – yes, even to pay salaries, rent and for advocacy!

Our Model for Giving

Our Stats


Over $20 million donated to date to more than 500 recipients.

October 2023

$1,575,000 donated


We are always seeking social purpose and impact opportunties to increase our growing portfolio of small/medium investments. Our diverse portfolio covers many sectors including sustainability; indigenous; independent media; forced migration; education; equal access.


Staff have multiple opportunities to volunteer. They could be using their paid Impact Day to support a cause close to their heart. It could be activities like ocean cleanup; food bank meal preparation; or zoo-trip support volunteer.

Or staff could join one of our not-for-profit partners to mentor a startup incubator team; support a hackathon solving IT issues for a not-for-profit; participate in The Observership Program; or something else you may help set up.


We host formal and informal events with not-for-profits and for purpose organisations to share their knowledge and innovations with staff.

We attend and sponsor events that support a number of great causes every year. Including the One Young World Summits each year where two young staff members attends with two not-for-profits as VivCourt’s guests.


Not only do we provide financial support to not-for-profits, our commitment extends far beyond this. At VivCourt, we engage wherever and whenever possible including sharing our office space. We share our space so not-for-profits can spare the cost of hiring facilities for their events. With an open invitation to join such events, our staff gain a deeper understanding of the vital work of these organisations – making this a beneficial arrangement for all of us.


We look to use social enterprise suppliers who keep our offices running and our staff nourished. Examples include:

Clean Force

Clean Force is a social enterprise providing commercial cleaning and grounds services to businesses. Clean Force delivers high quality services whilst creating durable paid employment and skills development for marginalised people. Most of their employees are people with a range of barriers to work including mental illness and the balance are cleaning and business professionals from the broader workforce. Founded in 2001, Clean Force is one of the oldest social enterprises in Australia and operates as a division of WISE Employment, a not-for-profit organisation with a mission of empowering people through employment.

Plate it Forward

PlateitForward is a hospitality entity with a core focus to provide training and employment opportunities for members of marginalised Sydney communities. Through premium catering and hospitality venues, they build long term pathways to sustainable community development for people and regions where opportunity isn’t equal.

Kua Coffee

Kua Coffee is a social enterprise that makes world-positive coffee for workplaces. They source exclusively from community-first farmer groups in Uganda and reinvest 100% of their profits to provide opportunities for disadvantaged women in agriculture. They also close the loop on coffee waste. So, instead of going to landfill, VivCourt’s used coffee grounds are collected and made into new things.


VivCourt maintains an environmentally conscious and sustainable approach to everything we do. We believe in taking proactive steps to reduce our carbon footprint and promote a greener future.

Our dedicated kitchen manager plays a crucial role in ensuring our food supplies are sourced responsibly. Our suppliers aim to minimise packaging and prioritise homemade or sustainably sourced ingredients.

In addition to our regular recycling system, we are excited to have implemented green waste recycling, working with multiple local organisations to ensure our office wastage is minimal.

By embracing these initiatives, we aim to make a positive impact on the environment and foster a culture of sustainability at VivCourt.

Environmental sustainability at VivCourt's Sydney HQ office - organic waste, recycling, organic food