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_Do Different

_Perform­ance with Purpose

Rob Keldoulis - VivCourt Trading CEO

At VivCourt, we’re part of an industry that’s heavily focused on making money. We’re an active part of that and we’re proud of our trading success.

Additionally, through our employee social bonus system and various social impact initiatives, we connect our company and our employees to something much bigger than ourselves. We use part of the money that we make, and the skills and capabilities that we have, for a purpose that we can be proud of.

“Trading can be a wonderful career, but there’s no function to it other than to make money. Doctors heal the sick and lawyers practise law, but a trader’s only job is to generate income over and over. After they make their money, a lot of traders have trouble finding meaning in the industry. I wanted to know if it was possible to take what is basically the most capitalist job in the world and create purpose out of it. Could trading become something that also helped make the world a better place?”
– Rob Keldoulis, Founder of VivCourt.

It turns out it can.

Through VivCourt, we’re creating a new generation of trading professionals: a group of conscious capitalists with a desire to have a positive impact on the world.

Our commitment to doing social good has a flow-on effect on our working culture, creating a collaborative environment that’s unlike any other proprietary trading firm.

Our people come first.

Yes, we’re focused on delivering excellent results through strong trading performance, but this is enabled by giving our people freedom, growth, clarity and direction, and letting them do things their way. This way, every team member has the opportunity to be inspired and find joy in what they do.

We also believe in genuinely good humans. By bringing like minded people together to achieve success for both themselves and the world around them, we maintain an environment of trust, respect, authenticity and collaboration on every level.

We may be a successful proprietary trading firm, but we’re also a trading firm with a reimagined purpose: to do different.


Professional Growth

Our size is your advantage. As a boutique yet growing trading firm, there are abundant opportunities for you to learn and advance. We see huge value in providing you with responsibility early on to give you the best chance to forge your own career, empower and inspire you and fast-track your development.

You’ll have the opportunity to work alongside some of the best minds in the industry, being surrounded by and collaborating with a phenomenal team of peers, mentors, coaches and experts. You’ll also gain direct exposure to senior leaders within our spacious, open-plan office and have a front-row seat to learn all aspects of our operations and decision-making principles.

Be Part of a Legacy

VivCourt is championing the corporate model of the future. Our aim is to plant the seed and get the rest of the corporate world thinking: how can we be better?

When you choose to work with us, you get the opportunity to be a part of this vision and mission from the beginning. We want to prove to business leaders and organisations right around the globe that it truly is possible to create a highly productive, competitive and profitable yet rewarding working environment – one where we can effect change on a much greater level than ever before.

Think about the possibilities. We have the power to change the capitalist corporate world as we know it. Are you ready to do things differently?