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The Program

To get started, VivCourt will provide ten weeks of in-class lessons. Our senior Engineers and Traders will introduce you to our systems, architecture and financial markets, including the theory of pricing, execution, and management of trading strategies. You’ll also be immersed in our culture and learn more about our business, including why we do what we do, how we work, and how you can contribute to our mission.
As you advance in the program, you’ll gain more hands-on experience working with other teams and on cross-team projects. Additionally, you’ll participate in regular revision and feedback sessions and be assigned a mentor to ensure your support and success throughout our program.
Following the ten weeks of in-class lessons, you’ll join a technology desk that best fits your interests and skill set. You’ll immediately contribute to innovating solutions while receiving ongoing guidance over the next 12 months to help you forge a meaningful career in the industry.
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What do we look for?

Technical Skills

Knowledge and Experience

Knowledge and experience in data structures, algorithms, and designing software to solve specific problems – including knowledge of object-oriented design and development concepts.

Programming Ability

Experience with one or more programming languages is essential to completing our technical assessments:C++ \ GO \ PYTHON \ C#

Other technical requirements will vary depending on your specific position.

Behavioural Skills


You possess an analytical and inquisitive nature with a talent for solving complex problems. You’re not afraid to ask questions and actively seek honest, detailed answers.

Generalist and Pragmatic Mindsets

You can apply specialised knowledge across diverse domains and work with various technologies, prioritising practical and efficient solutions.

Strong Communication and Collaboration

You feel at ease conveying ideas clearly and concisely with colleagues and across departments. Mainly, you thrive in a supportive team-based environment.


Who can apply?

Online assessment (algorithmic thinking and solution development in C++, Python or C#)
Phone screen (understanding interests & motivations, behavioural assessment)
Take home programming task (in Golang, C#, C++ or Python)
Final: Two rounds of interviews (behavioural and technical assessment and a review of the above programming task)