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While our Traders and Engineers help to keep us active on the financial markets, our Business Operations team help to keep the wheels turning internally. They look after our employees and other stakeholders, as well as our various business interests, to ensure that we continue to run like a well-oiled machine.

Our People & Culture team are heavily involved in our day-to-day people management from operations to strategy. They help us plan for workforce growth and changes, lead our brand and hiring strategy and foster people’s growth and development including performance, leadership and coaching skills. They have a broad depth of experience from the Trading and Tech world, aiming to deliver the best in industry employee experience and building a culture that empowers our people.

People &

VivCourt finance employee


Our People Experience team is involved in the day to day running of our offices. They help keep the lights on, ensure we are all fed, plan all our events and experiences and manage all our health and safety requirements.

Meeting room in VivCourt's Sydney HQ


Our Social Impact team manages and interacts with the organisations that we give back to or have invested in. They help us to achieve all our social investment and for purpose goals.