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Like trading, technology is crucial to our ability to be a major player in this space. It underpins all our trading activity and ensures that we can work at the level and intensity necessary to get the results we need to achieve revenue-generating success.

VivCourt quant trader in front of trading screens


Here at VivCourt, our Software Engineers play an exciting role.

Technology has revolutionised the way that we trade, and the integration of trading and technology forms the dynamic heart of our business. As a trading firm, technology is central to developing the bespoke algorithms that enable us to perform rapid, automated trading and market making.

We rely heavily on our Engineers to help us tackle the current trading challenges and ensure we’re ready for what’s to come. To help keep us competitive in so many fast-paced and highly automated financial  markets, our teams design and build bespoke trading systems algorithms using several programming languages (C#, C++, Python, Golang), with a strong focus on latency and throughput.

We develop, deploy and support all our own trading software. That’s why our philosophy is to ensure that all our Software Engineers produce a high quality output. As we connect to exchanges around the world, our software must be scalable, reliable, and as efficient as possible.

With a full creative and deployment process, our Software Engineers can produce higher quality work with a better understanding of our Traders needs and market behaviour. Taking this approach, we instil a mentality of ownership within our technology team which promotes better collaboration to solve problems together.

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