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The Program

  • Learn the basics of financial markets, about pricing theory, the products we trade and our trading strategies in lessons led by experienced traders and trainers.
  • Gain hands-on experience, shadowing different teams and interacting with real and simulated trading environments.
  • Work on relevant projects to present back to our trading team.
  • Receive regular feedback with access to a buddy or mentor.
  • Learn about our mission and participate in our culture with lots of social events, exposure to not-for-profit initiatives and opportunities to connect with our wider team.

    Our goal is to bring great talent to VivCourt. All interns will have the opportunity to be considered for our graduate program the following year.

    Location: Sydney

    Application date: Start of year.​​ For updates on future openings, join our mailing list below.

    What do we look for?

    Technical Skills

    Statistical and Mathematical Knowledge

    A solid grasp of probability and mathematical concepts.

    Numerical Skills

    Strong numerical reasoning and mental arithmetic.

    Data Analysis

    Experience managing large datasets with machine learning and critical thinking techniques, along with familiarity with tools like Python, R, and MATLAB.

    Programming Skills

    Programming experience is preferred or a proven interest in learning since our traders work with Python to build tools that support our trading strategies.

    Behavioural Skills


    You enjoy the process of untangling complexity and learning new concepts to understand how things work.

    Good Decision-Making

    You’re able to use available information to make quick, intelligent decisions in real time.

    Strong Communication and Collaboration

    You believe in the power of collaboration and are capable of communicating your ideas while listening to those of others.

    Relentless Determination

    You exhibit initiative, perseverance, and a competitive drive, aiming to outperform the market together.



    Who Can Apply? Penultimate students with AU/NZ citizenship. Unfortunately, we cannot accept visa holders at this time.

    Online technical assessment (series & sequence and probability/statistics)
    Phone screen (understanding interests & motivations, behavioural assessment)
    Final: Two rounds of interviews (behavioural and technical assessment)