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The Program

At the start of your internship, you’ll receive one week of technical training led by our experienced traders and trainers. As you progress through the program, you’ll gain hands-on experience working in real trading and simulated environments and contributing to meaningful projects aligned with VivCourt’s strategic goals.
Throughout the internship, you’ll encounter performance checkpoints, with feedback provided to support your growth and development. You’ll also have continuous support from a trainer and a designated buddy or mentor. Showcase your potential during our internship and have the opportunity to secure a position as a future VivCourt Trading graduate.
Following the ten weeks of in-class lessons, you’ll have the foundational knowledge to join a trading desk that best fits your interests and skill set. You’ll be able to have an immediate impact while receiving ongoing guidance over the next 12 months to help you forge a successful career in trading at VivCourt.
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What do we look for?

Technical Skills

Statistical and Mathematical Knowledge

A solid grasp of probability and mathematical concepts is key.

Strong Numerical Skills

Proficiency in numerical reasoning and mental arithmetic.

Handling Large Data Sets

Skills in managing large datasets with machine learning and critical thinking techniques.

Data Analysis Expertise

Familiarity with tools like Python, R, MATLAB, VBA and Excel.

Programming Ability

Our traders work with Python to build tools that support trading decision-making. Some experience writing code is preferred, but if you have a strong interest in learning, we will provide training to get you up to speed ahead of the program.

Behavioural Skills

Creative Problem-Solving

You enjoy finding innovative ways to tackle challenges, preferring simple solutions over complex ones


You’re someone who comes up with ideas on your own and sees them through to completion.

Good Decision-Making

Comfortable making quick decisions, even under pressure, and capable of handling risks and new information efficiently.


A growth mindset is important. You should be eager to learn, understand our markets, and enjoy solving complex problems, regardless of your background.

Strong Communication and Collaboration

You can explain complex ideas and work well with others, sharing and brainstorming ideas and supporting your team and other VivCourters.

Confidence and Humility

Trust in your abilities, take responsibility, and show respect for colleagues.

Relentless Determination

Work smart, prioritise effectively, and be reliable, focused, and passionate about your work.

Enjoy Being Competitive

You’re perseverant, cooperative and enthusiastic about shared goals. You should be eager to outperform industry rivals, not colleagues.


Who can apply?

Online technical assessment (series & sequence and probability/statistics)
Phone screen (understanding interests & motivations, behavioural assessment)
Final: Two rounds of interviews (behavioural and technical assessment)